21st August 2012.

Why do people boast about alcohol. Like, yeah. People get drunk. Whatevs.

Can vodka make you fat?

Nevermind, not drinking for a billion years. Need bacon. Lots of bacon. Bacon makes you fat.

Fuck. Maybe that’s how people get beer bellies. Munching afterwards.

State the obvious.


You Know How Us Catholic Girls Can Be.

I Dislike Drugs & Alcohol.

I Create Me Own False Reality.

I want to meet someone who enjoys other activities rather than ‘drinking’

So sick of these drunk clones.

Alcohol is a pathetic escapism.

Yeah, I drink now and then to re-charge myself, but I can’t explain how bored I am about hearing how getting fucked is ‘LIVIN DA LIFE’ or ‘LOVIN LIFE’.

How about you get a life and then you wouldn’t have to have an escapism.

Rant over.